Happy Sunday!

Finally decided to set up the backdrop stand that I bought months ago and use one of our succulents as a model.  These two were tiny when we bought them for our wedding from an online store.  The diameter of the big one must be at least 5 or 6 inches.  YAY sunroom. 

Life is great.  The transition back to work has been pretty smooth, largely due to the fact that I have a group of coworkers who I actually love.  It helps that ICM is taking care of E as well.  ICM's paternity leave is coming to a close but good news is that we FINALLY found child care.  It's going to be kind of nerve wrecking leaving her with a group of strangers but we'll pull through! 

Alright, half of my Sunday is almost gone. Hope all is well with everyone.


  1. Man I haven't logged onto blogger in forever! I see that you're still keeping this blog alive! So proud that you're doing that! I'm inspired, so now I gotta re-do mine and get into a habit of updating. Anyway, say hi to Baby E for me! :) and tell ICM 'sup, I owe him a brewski or two.



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